five ways to help stop children falling from a window or balcony

Children cant fly! Window locks for high rise apartments

Children can’t fly.  This is the simple message from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead who treat too many children every month from injuries sustained from window and balcony falls.  Doctors say that over 80% of children who have fallen from a window have significant injuries.

Over summer, hospital emergency departments see an increase in the number of children treated when windows and balcony doors are left open for cool air.  The most vulnerable age for children to fall out of windows is one to five years old when they are the most curious and cannot recognise the danger presented to them.

Here are five simple ways to help prevent children from falling through a window or from a balcony:

  1. Install window locks and sliding door locks or lock limiters.
  2. Move furniture away from the window – children often use these to climb up to access the window.
  3. Do not open windows more than 12.5cm – any wider and the child can fit their head and body through
  4. Open windows from the top only if the windows are up and down opening
  5. Standard flyscreens cannot stop a child from falling out of the window

Officials were so concerned over the increase in children falling from windows and balconies, that The Australian Building Codes Board have made changes to the National Construction Code from March 2013.  This ruling states that all windows in new homes and apartments that are more than two metres off the ground must be either fitted with window locks that stop the window being opened more than 125mm (12.5cm) or must have reinforced screens to prevent children from falling from a height.

If your house or apartment is older than March 2013, and you have younger children living with you or visiting, it is important to have window and balcony locks installed to prevent any accidents. Talk to your local locksmith today, there are lots of balcony and window locks for high rise apartments designed for all types of windows and sliding doors that allow fresh air in.

Your locksmith will need to know the following information to recommend the window and balcony door locks to suit your family, house and meet your budget –

  1. What material are your windows made from – timber or aluminium?
  2. How do the windows open – sliding across, up and down or opening out?
  3. Do the windows have flyscreens attached?

The most important message of all is to supervise your children at all times around windows and balconies – remember, children can’t fly!

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