Upgrade Property Security

Not yet ready for a costly, full-service alarm and surveillance system? Don’t worry. You can upgrade your property’s security and keep burglars at bay with just a locksmith’s help.

Sydney’s Fusion Locksmiths offer you several ways to improve your property’s security.

Door and Window Lock Installation

Let’s start with your doors. We can install leading brand deadlocks on your property’s entry doors. If your current locks are still in good condition, we can perform re-keying to disable the access from previous keys.

It isn’t safe to assume that former owners or renters in your new property are as trustworthy as you. So to be on the safe side, get the locks on a pre-existing home re-keyed or replaced.

If you think one of your door locks is damaged or broken, get it checked right away. Call us and let our mobile locksmith team do a thorough inspection and provide you with an honest assessment. Depending on the damage, we can either fix it or recommend a better and upgraded replacement.

Lock mechanisms can get loose, broken or damaged over time so if you have a slight doubt that your door’s lock is faulty, ask help immediately. You may also want to consider upgrading to keyless entry or having multiple door locks.

Moving on, your windows must also be equipped with high-quality locks. Manufacturer’s latches are most of the time flimsy so beef up security with better quality window locks. Go for child-safe window locks if you have kids at home.

Fusion Locksmiths can supply and install premium window locks for your Sydney property.

Keep Valuables Secure in a Safe

Another way to increase security in your premises is to consider investing in a safe. Fusion Locksmiths can help you find the best one that fits your available space, security requirements and your budget.

Safes comes in various types and with different features. As safe experts we can help you select one that perfectly fits your needs.

Count on Fusion Locksmiths for safe and vault sales, installation, relocating and repairs.

Smart Lock Upgrades

If you are willing to pay for convenience as well, you might want to invest in modern smart locks. Fusion Locksmiths can help you select the best electronic lock that will provide value for money.

Smart locks do not only provide top-notch protection, they also come with premium convenient features. For example:

  • You can remotely lock and unlock your home using your Smartphone.
  • You’ll never fumble for keys or lose a key again.
  • No more “Did I lock the door?” moments as you can check your home’s locks’ status through a mobile app.

Upgrade Your Properties Security

While upgrading your property’s security should be on your priority list, you don’t have to do all of these options at once. Identify which one will benefit you the most and start from there.

Fusion Locksmiths will always be ready to assist you in any of your lock-and-key security concerns. With 24/7 service, we can promptly attend to your emergency locksmith needs.

Give us a call today and get to know us and our services so you’re ready when it’s time to do some property security upgrades.

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