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Being a Locksmith for businesses in Sydney involves many aspects

When was the last time you truly inspected the security around your office, warehouse or shop?  I bet it was probably when you first started the business or when you first moved into the premises.

We know it is hard enough in Sydney just to run your business, but when you think about it, you actually have some significant assets that need protecting.

You need a locksmith for your Property

Your business property needs protection not just from thieves but past employees, or unsavoury characters, especially if you are open late at night or in an unsafe location.  Locks have come a long way to improving their security but also are easier to use and lock.  Long gone are the days where you carry around a keyring loaded with keys for every room around your office.

Master key systems use the same key for every lock.  We also have keyless locks, using a pin or keycard to open the lock, or restricted key systems to control access.  There is closed circuit television to monitor who is entering and exiting your premises.  Electronic sensors can be used to advise when someone enters and exits the premises.

Equipment/Stock must be protected

When you do a quick calculation of the cost to replace all your equipment such as forklifts, computers, tools and furniture, not to mention the thousands of dollars tied up in stock, it adds up very quickly.  Locksmiths can advise on the best way to lock away moveable equipment and stock with key lockable bolts or padlocks and safes for smaller items.

Cash locked up in the correct safe

If your business handles cash on a daily basis, this is a target for thieves.  Thieves are good at summing up a business whether it is an easy target or not.  Besides keeping your cash levels low at all times, until you have a chance to deposit into your bank.  Other options include drop safes, time-release safes, strong cash box, and lockable cash drawers.

A Locksmith can protect Employees

Protecting your staff, customers and visitors is part of health and safety obligations of any business owner.  You have procedures in place for wet floors, cleaning the premises, safety whilst using equipment and even provide safety equipment to your employees, but you also need to keep them safe when they are working late into the night or if your business is located in an unsafe area.  As locksmiths, we have a range of easy to use door locks, restricted access locks, even personal duress alarms.

Protect your Archives

Are you storing your archives safely and correctly?  Your local locksmith can recommend fire doors and security systems to protect your valuable information so they are kept safe but easily accessible.

For a general audit of your business security please call your local locksmith, Fusion Locksmiths.  We can assess the at-risk areas of your business around your business premises.  With over ten years’ experience in commercial security we can recommend all types of security measures to suit your business and your budget.