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Is it time for a security upgrade?

When was the last time you calculated the value of your assets?  As time goes on your family and business accumulates more and more valuables and assets that need protecting.  When was the last time you upgraded your security to match your valuables?

Do you need a more secure locking system to protect your valuables, assets, family or employees?

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that increasing the physical security of your home or business can have a significant effect on reducing burglary rates (1).  Choosing the restricted key system is an easy and effective way to upgrade your security.

The restricted key system is a system that restricts the duplication of keys, so you can control who does and does not have access to your property, home or business.  Only you can authorise when a copy of a key can be made and only your locksmith can make copies of this key, not the local shoe repair retailer.

Have you already been a victim of a break-in?

The ICVS estimates that about 19 per cent of all burglaries reported by Australian respondents in 1999 were repeat burglaries (1).  If you have been a victim of a break-in, perhaps you need to upgrade your security with a restricted key system.

By restricting the number of people who have a key and stopping them from making duplications, not only have you increased your security and feel safer too.

How many people have a copy of your key? Some homes and offices have been rented for years and may have had numerous tenants all with keys still in their possession.  A restricted key system means that nobody can make a copy of your key without your permission and only a registered locksmith can make a copy of the patented key.

The restricted key system can be fitted on existing locks or as a new lock installation – call Fusion Locksmiths to discuss which is the best method to upgrade your security.  In most instances, there is no wiring, door changes or any additional hardware required.