Ever wondered where the safest neighbourhoods are in Sydney? Maybe you want to steer clear of the most dangerous areas?

You will be glad to know that Sydney, Australia is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world. But even so, crime still occurs.

If you are planning to start a new life in this beautiful Harbour city or are visiting for a short time, it is important to know where you will be safe or most at risk.

Below you will find a summarised list of the safest and most dangerous suburbs in the Sydney area. This is based on the number of incidents recorded in each area from time to time.

Having this information is essential for several reasons such as deciding which neighbourhoods to look at when buying a home, or choosing where to stay when on holidays.

Safest Sydney Suburbs

According to crime studies, the areas surrounding the north shore, northern beaches and the inner-city suburbs seem to be the safest, while the areas to the west tend to a higher crime rate.

North Shore Region

  • Hunters Hill – A beautiful suburban area found on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Located 9km northwest of Sydney’s central business district Hunters Hill is one of the safest Sydney Suburbs.

  • Lane Cove – Also located on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. It fills a peninsula found on the northern side of Port Jackson which gives way to the Lane Cove River. On the opposite side of the Lane Cove river is Hunter’s Hill. Lane Cove is also bordered by the peaceful Lane Cove National Park.

  • Manly – Known for its relaxed holiday vibe, Manly is one of the city’s most famous Surfing beaches and boasts broad coastal views on the oceanfront. Residents here can also enjoy a Sydney ferry ride to get into the CBD allowing them to enjoy pristine views of Sydney Harbour.

  • Mosman – Also in the lower North Shore of Sydney is Mosman, a suburb known for its safety and real estate. It is home to prominent doctors, business people, and lawyers of the city. At around 8km from the CBD Mosman also has an abundance of facilities for comfortable living.

Inner West Region

  • Ashfield – A gorgeous suburb located West of Sydney. It is known for its high multicultural population. At only 10km from the city Ashfield has a mix of low-rise apartments and federation era detached houses.

  • Burwood – Next to Ashfiled is Burwood. Burwood offers easy living options with a large Westfield shopping centre and a train station where many Sydney line connect. This along with bus connections and the new Sydney Metro line provide easy transport options in and out of the area.

  • Strathfield – Also found in the Inner West of Sydney, Strathfield is right next to Burwood. Placed around midway between Sydney CBD and Parramatta which is equally it’s own business district. At only 12km out of Sydney, Strathfield also has train lines for easy transport options.

Eastern Suburbs Region

  • Woollahra – About 5km east of Sydney’s CBD, you will find Woollahra. Dotted with eye-striking Victorian-Style homes, it neighbors Darling Point and Double Bay. Woollahra is also known to be one of the most expensive suburbs in Sydney, which is likely why the crime is so low. Its tree-lined streets, quietness and peacefulness make it an excellent suburb to live in.

Most Dangerous Suburbs in Sydney

The suburbs listed below are some of the most dangerous suburbs in the Sydney area. This is due to crime rates in these areas which are significantly higher than other areas in Sydney.

If you live in one of these areas, or nearby, we encourage you to ensure your home and business security is up to date. As a mobile locksmith in Sydney, we also provide security assessments.

  • Blacktown – This suburb has a high crime rate, thus putting it in the list of dangerous areas in Sydney. There are high rates of pick-pocketing, teenagers’ harassment, drug use, robbery without firearms, and home theft. On a good note, there are constant police patrols on the streets.

  • Penrith – Just west of the City is Penrith, another dangerous suburb of Sydney. This is due to the high rates of drug offenses, burglaries, domestic violence, and automobile thefts.

  • Merrylands – Here there have been high rates of attempted murder, terrorism plots, car break-ins, drive-by shootings, and firearm usage. While Merrylands is full of many useful facilities and has easy connections to Sydney’s CBD, the crime rates have made it dangerous.

  • Liverpool – Despite the suburb being home to decent malls, shopping centers, educational and recreational facilities, and excellent public transport, its crime rates are high. What makes this a dangerous suburb is the number of stabbings, drug use and distribution, alcohol problems, break-ins, harassment, homicide and petty thefts.

  • Auburn – Harassment against women, domestic violence, killings, and hostility near its train stations have all contributed to the suburb of Auburn being dangerous. This is despite it having easy access to Sydney’s CBD and being a multicultural suburb.

Some other suburbs of Sydney where you should be cautious in are:

  • Bankstown
  • Busby
  • Granville
  • Greenacre
  • Guildford
  • Punchbowl

Keeping Safe in Sydney

Safety plays a huge part in property prices as well as the population levels in each suburb. This is a result of people looking for safest places to live whilst avoiding the most dangerous. The same goes for other parts of Australia too.

Every homeowner wants to feel safe, and even though stats may say that one suburb is safer than another, you are never guaranteed safety anywhere.

As such, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and to invest in durable and reliable home security devices.

There are many reliable lock manufacturers located domestically to make sure that your home is secure from break-ins and theft. Making friends with your neighbours and watching out for each other can also increase your safety. And if you want to take it further you may consider home security systems or even CCTV.

When you are ready for a professional security assessment on your home or business property in Sydney, give Fusion Locksmiths a call. We will ensure your property security is as secure as needed to suit your suburbs crime rates.