restricted key systems by Fusion Locksmiths
The who, what and why of Restricted Key Systems!

It can get confusing in the world of keys, locks and security. With so many products, promising to do this and that, it makes it hard to decide which way to go in terms of locks for your doors and entryways.

The restricted key system is one way at increasing the security around your home or office.

What is a restricted system?

The restriction is in the copying of the keys. With a restricted system, only the authorised owner/s of the restricted system can authorise for copies to be made through a locksmith who is permitted to make copies of the key. With every key copied, Fusion Locksmiths, keep a record so you know exactly who has a key and how many have been cut.

With unrestricted key systems, if you need extra copies of keys, a local key cutter can make the extra copies – no questions asked who is getting the copies made.

Who should use restricted systems?

A restricted key system can be used by anyone wanting to increase their security by controlling the number of keys and who is given a key. This system works well in regulating admission and security of businesses of all types with offices, warehouses, shopfronts, residential apartments, government buildings, and educational institutions.

Why use restricted systems?

A restricted key system enables you to monitor the number of keys for your locks and prevents the holder of a key to have further copies made. By limiting the copying of keys, you restrict the number of people who have access to a building or door, increasing the security of the premises. Only authorised persons can order copies of the key from an authorised locksmith or manufacturer.

What are the limitations of a restricted key system?

A restricted key system is more expensive than other key systems and the keys can only be ordered through your locksmith. However, the increased security that comes with a restricted system, should more than justify the added expense.

Also, because the keys cannot be cut by a retail key cutter, you will need to organise with your locksmith to have the keys cut. This may take a little longer but bear in mind that your locksmith can come to your home or business to this.

Still not sure, if the restricted key system is the right security for you? Talk to your locksmith at Fusion Locksmiths, we can answer your questions and head you in the right direction.