fusion locksmiths here to help if your home gets broken intoWho is the second person you call after a break-in?

You have come home after a long day at work or a great night out. You get this sinking feeling as you look around your home – it has been broken into!

You are feeling very vulnerable; everything has been ransacked as the thieves have searched high and low to find all your valuables.  You reach for your phone to call the police.

Who should be the next on your list to call?

Call your local locksmith!  You need to get your place back to feeling like your home; safe and secure.  Some speciality locksmiths, such as us, have 24 hour/7 day service and know the importance of repairing your locks and restoring security to your home.  We also know the kind of damage that thieves can do to get into your home.

1. Repair locks

As locksmiths, the first job we do is take a look at how the thief broke into your home in the first place.  We will repair the lock if it is repairable or recommend replacement if we think that the lock is not secure enough.  We will always advise you first before we commence any work.

Modern technology is always evolving and locks have come a long way to securing your home and deterring thieves from breaking in.  As locksmiths, we have extensive experience in how thieves break in, especially in your local area and use this knowledge to increase the security around your home.

2. Repair the door or window

The doors and windows are the most likely place that the thief has entered.

In the case where the door itself has been damaged, if we are able, we will repair the door and the door frame, to ensure the new lock or repaired lock is fitted securely and is working at it maximum capacity. We use reinforced door edge protector or reinforced door frame protector or a door hinge protector, to further strengthen your door.

In the case of a break-in through a window, we will examine your windows and repair or replace the window lock, with your approval.  We will repair the window frame if possible to restore security to your home.

In the unlikely situation where we are unable to repair the door or the window on the spot, we can recommend tradesman who will be able to properly repair it so you are once again, safe and sound.

3. Security audit

As part of the service, whilst repairing your locks we will have a look around the house and recommend any further safety issues that may improve the security around your home.  Maybe you need extra locks on the windows, or special sliding door locks that are thief proof.

We recommend removal of any items outside of your home that may be used to break into your house. We also have many types of back to base security systems or security cameras that can be installed in at-risk areas.