We are really please to announce that we have had an article written about us in the Trades + Services section of the www.newslocal.com.au local paper. Here is the text from the article to view the actual page just click on this link to see Josh in the paper.


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Article Written by Cassandra Briedis
LOCKSMITHS are known for rescuing people locked out of their homes but there’s a lot more to the job, says master locksmith Josh Martin.With 10 years’ experience in the industry, Martin is passionate
joshinvan2 about finding new ways to improve home security.“One thing that I recommend to a lot of my clients is to think about installing a key safe,” he says.“It stops people from getting locked out they put in a spare key and then use the combination.”Aside from emergency call outs, Martin and his apprentice commonly re-key existing locks for people who have moved into a new property.“Whenever we do a job at a new place, we’ll look around at each entry point,” he says.He then advises clients how to make their place secure from thieves.“(You can’t stop) someone from breaking in but you can at least make it a lot harder,” he says.

He has seen an increase in stolen mail, which can lead to identity theft and fraud.

“You can easily obtain master keys that open most regular letterboxes,” he says.

“We’ve been installing solutions for this where we supply letterbox locks that are not master key and are non-coded.”