Master key installed by a master locksmith

Be the Master of your keys!

Don’t let your bulky, heavy keyring and keys rule your life – get Master keying to get back the control over your security. Not only does a , reduce the number of keys you have, you have increased security around your home and business.

A Master key system is a system of grading keys and locks that allow different groups of people or keys to gain access to certain areas around your home or business.
Master Keying for the Home

It may sound a little overkill but the Master key for a home can be a great idea if you want to restrict access to certain areas around your home. For example, you can restrict the cleaner to access only rooms and areas you want them to clean. The pool man or gardener doesn’t need access to the whole house, he can be given access to the garage, back shed and side gate only.

Master keying for the Business

Master keying in a business situation allows you to control exactly who has access to certain offices and areas around your business. The warehouse staff can have access to the warehouse, the office staff can have access to general office areas and management can have access to management offices, safes, and control rooms.

To start with, you need to group employees with similar access requirements. There is no need to give access when it is not necessary. This will only compromise your security and defeat the whole purpose of Master keying. Planning for the future will also help in setting up the system and your locksmith will be able to advise on the best way to restrict access.

TIP: Keep a good record of your Master key system and all keys issued and returned. This will help maintain a tight and secure business.

The benefits of Master Keying

1. Access to all areas can be controlled – tight security with only a few keys.
1. The key blanks are patent protected so no copies can be cut.
2. Master Keying is adaptable so each staff member can only open a door or lock that he is authorised to.
4. A Master Key system is simple to use and manage – employees are given one key that is relevant to their access.
5. The Master key system can grow with your business.

Fusion Locksmiths can advise on the best Master keying system that will suit your home or business. Working together to best plan out the Master key system is the beginning of a successful security solution with a limited number of keys. Also with our lock rekeying service we can often produce a Master Key system for your home or business without replacing your existing locks. Ask us how today.