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Mail Theft, are you at risk? Fusion Locksmiths can help

What is the most important valuable you own?  

No, it is not your home, car, your cash or even your engagement ring – it is your identity.  Your identity is needed for banks, employers, government departments to show who you are, using your important documents like drivers’ license, passport, birth certificates and bank statements.

Modern technology has brought with it a new kind of theft – identity theft!  Identity theft or fraud is the fraudulent practice of using another person’s name and personal information in order to obtain loans, credit cards, pensions and other pieces of important documentation like drivers’ licenses and passports.

Identity theft can be both financially devastating and emotionally crippling.

Yes, you have probably recently heard on the radio and television more and more stories where thieves have targeted mailboxes.  One of the easiest ways for someone to get hold of your important documents to begin the process of identity theft is through mail theft.

Even the humble electricity or water bill can be used as some type of identification!

Have you recently had a good look at your mailbox?  Is it secure and lockable from fraudsters?  If it is time to replace your existing mailbox, we can help you choose the best model and style for your home.

What to look for in a secure mailbox?

  • Choose a mailbox with a locking device on it.  In most models, the mailboxes use key locks
  • Ensure the mailbox is secured to the ground, the fence or wall mounted, so that it is not easily picked up and taken away.
  • Ensure the door helps to conceal and protect the large incoming mail slot, so no one can simply put his or her hand in to reach the mail.
  • The mailbox should be constructed of sturdy galvanized steel or similar material to prevent tampering and prising open to get the mail and parcels out of the mailbox.
  • There are lots of styles and colours to choose from these days, so now you can match security with the look of your house.

Speak to your local residential locksmith who can advise on the best way to protect you against mail theft in your suburb.  He has access to numerous mailbox styles to suit your home, and type of security you need for your area.

If you think you may be a victim of mail theft?  

You should contact your local police and report any stolen identity documents or cards to the government agency, financial institution or company that issued them to you.