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Whether you have a Victorian mansion on Birrell Street, a weatherboard cottage in Judges Lane or work at one of the four schools in Waverley, you need adequate security. Security to protect your family, children and valuables. This is exactly what we, you local Waverley locksmith provide.

Working in the Eastern Suburbs area for over 9 years’, we are up to date with break-ins and malicious property damage and we know how to prevent them. Fusion Locksmiths are a team of fully qualified locksmiths, with expert workmanship to provide an excellent service. Our jobs are always completed to the highest standards.

As members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia, we are well informed on relevant legislation and association standards. You can be confident knowing you are getting the best locksmith services available.

Fastest Lockout Locksmith Service in Waverley Area

It doesn’t matter what time or day or night you are locked out of your house, it’s a horrible feeling. The very minute you realise you have lost your key, or the front door slammed shut with you outside, contact us and Fusion Locksmiths will be on the way. We specialise in lockouts and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being local to the area we will also get to your fast.

In most cases, we can get you inside with minimal damage to your property. If not we will tell you before we do anything, so you know up front. No surprises from Fusion Locksmiths.

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