Anyone who installs, repairs, services or maintains electronic and mechanical locks must have a security equipment installer license in order to operate. Most people are not aware of this and thus do not ask for this documentation. Unfortunately this can lead to them being conned or becoming the victims of locksmith related crime.

The primary objective of licensing locksmiths is to ensure that the people operating in the locksmith industry are operating legally and with the right set of skills and equipment. Locksmith crimes often target home and auto owners who are in an emergency and thus need immediate help.

Unfortunately our society has a small percentage of con-men and rip-off artists. Sometimes people pose of “locksmiths” and actually use locksmith equipment to pick locks. If you request one of these criminals to help gain access to your home when you have locked yourself out they usually provide the service as expected. However they also scope out your home and possessions, looking for ways to come back and rob you at a later date.

To avoid hiring a bandit or thief to solve your locks problem, take time and research the company in detail first. You can also follow these additional tips so as to protect yourself against locksmith crime.

Do thorough investigation before hiring the locksmith

The best way you can know whether or not a locksmith is trustworthy is by researching and investigating them in advance. You can do this by calling them and asking questions in details and gradually about their services. You can also check their reviews to see how good their work has been in the past or whether or not they have been in business at all.

If the locksmith you have contacted cannot provide their legal business name, just look for another locksmith to serve you as those ones may be fraudsters or con-men.

Check the Locksmith ID and License

When you call for locksmith services and they arrive at your doorstep, you should first ask for their identification and a locksmith license of operation. A legally licensed locksmith should also be able to ask for your own identification as well in order to confirm whether they are unlocking a home that belongs to you or they have mistaken the identity.

Trade with caution in case a locksmith arrives with an unmarked vehicle or a vehicle with another company’s name.

Ask necessary questions before work commences

You can ask the following questions before hiring a locksmith. If the targeted locksmiths cannot provide the required answers, then you should avoid hiring them as this may lead to further trouble.

  • Where is the company located?
  • Can you provide an estimated pricelist and the factors that may change the price?
  • Do you require cash payment or I can pay with other means like check and credit card?
  • What’s the company name of the locksmith who will be coming to service?

Be Safe and Protect Yourself

Fusion Locksmiths are licensed professionals. Our team have received training in the field and are equipped with the necessary skills to operate on your locks. We have all the necessary licensing to work on your property and thus you can feel safe and confident working with us.

Feel free to contact us at any time when you need professional Sydney locksmith services and we will get there as soon as possible.