Lock Rekeying

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Fusion Locksmiths: Sydney Lock Rekeying Experts

  • Have you lost your keys or had them stolen?
  • Just moved into a new property and want to remove the old tenants access?
  • Or maybe you to want create a master key system for your multiple locks on your property?

Whatever reasons you have, lock rekeying is a both a quicker and cheaper alternative to replacing your locks. The only reason we may suggest against choosing to replace rather than rekey would be due to an old or defective lock that is not as secure as a newer model.

Not sure if you can rekey your lock? Text us a photo to Fusion Locksmiths at 0449 777 989 explaining what you want to achieve and your Sydney location.

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying is essentially changing the insides of a lock to make it work with a new key. Doing so renders any old keys useless. This allows you to restrict access to that lock so only holders of the new key can open it. As mentioned above this is perfect for moving into a new premises and not knowing how many previous residents still have a key, and essentially full access.

During the rekeying process we remove the barrel from the lock itself and reconfigure the inside mechanisms. We then create a new key to suit the new mechanism arrangement and reinstall the barrel.

From the outside the a rekeyed lock looks exactly the same however the older keys will not operate it anymore. They become useless. To open the rekeyed lock you will need the new key we supply and of course we can make as many copies as you need.

Creating a Master Key System

If you have multiple locks on your property and you want them all to be operated from a single “Master” key we can do this with rekeying. Essentially we rekey all the locks to operate from the same new key that we create. This can reduce the amount of keys you need to carry from a large amount to just 1!

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