Lockwood Deadlatch Touch

Throw away your keys – keyless entry is here!

Simple keyless entry for your home (Lockwood 001 Deadlatch touch) – now affordable for residential use, where as in the past a reliable system was not economical for residential purposes.

When you think about it, keys really are a nuisance!  They are heavy to carry, get lost in your bag, and you have the fear of being locked out.  You have the latest technology in most aspects of your life: cars, computers, televisions, appliances – now you can have your door lock security join the 21st century with simple keyless entry.

Keyless entry was once the domain of commercial use because of the cost, but modern new efficiencies in manufacturing mean it is now an affordable option for residential homes.

The Lockwood 001 Deadlatch Touch brings the toughness and security of a deadlock with easy keypad opening.

The best of the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch Touch

The keypad

  • Easy keying in the dark with an illuminated keypad
  • Extra security in the keypad –there are no worn buttons or traces left of your security pin on the electronic keypad
  • The pin can be any number combination from 4 to 12 digits long or if you prefer you can use a key card
  • The keypad and lock is weather resistant in most conditions
  • As the Master, you can reset and cancel users and give access to tradespeople, neighbours and visitors for a set number of hours, days or weeks.
  • The cryptic code function hides your pin from onlookers for extra security

The lock

  • With the Lockwood LockAlert status indicator you can check at a glance the three lock settings– unlocked, locked from inside and outside, and locked on the outside only.
  • You can’t get locked in the house because you can use either the internal key provided with the Lockwood keyless deadlatch, use your pin or the keycard

The brand

  • Lockwood, a trusted Australian brand that has been manufacturing locks for over 75 years
  • The 001 Touch been tested in accordance with the Australian Lock Standard AS4145.2-2008

Each Lockwood 001 Deadlatch Touch comes ready with four AAA batteries ready for use and has an emergency 8v battery for backup, two keys which can be keyed to match your other Lockwood locks and two key cards ready for programming.

When your locksmith installs your new Lockwood 001 Deadlatch Touch, he will explain exactly how to use the lock, set up and cancel new users and the safety features available.

Imagine the next time you go for a run or surf, you won’t have to find a hiding spot for your keys or worry about being locked out again.  Call Fusion locksmiths today. We are experts in Sydney residential security. Once you have keyless entry, you won’t want to know about keys again!