Is your home a sanctuary that you look forward to after an exhausting day at work? Kids often desire to go home after a tiring day at school to play in a safe and comfortable environment. We all have our reasons for loving our homes and this is why it is essential we keep them safe and secure.

Maintaining good home security not only gives you peace of mind, but also the confidence that your loved ones and valuable possessions are safe and sound. There are a lot of simple and affordable steps you can take to significantly reduce your chances of getting robbed thus keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Most burglars and thieves seek to enter through the a weak security point on your premises. How secure is your backdoor, garage or bedroom window? These are  often thieves go to access points to gain entry.

How can you significantly improve your security, to prevent becoming the next neighborhood break in victim? Start by following the following 5 steps to improve your home’s security.

1. Thoroughly Review Your Homes Access Points

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, as they say. In the case of your home’s security, it is only as strong as your weakest entry point.

Have a walk around your property and visibility look at all the entry and access points to your property and into your home. To outsmart a thief you need to think like one. Take a notepad with you and record all the points you think a thief may enter.

Now it’s time to assess your list. Are these entry and access points lockable? Do they have locks and are they in good working order?

At the end of this exercise your should have a good idea of how secure your exterior gates, doors, windows and all access points are. Also while ground floors are more easily accessible don’t forget about higher levels. Cat burglars got their name from scaling walls to gain access to high areas.

2. Install New or Upgrade Locks as Needed

Once you have your list of all access points to your property and assessed them, you may have found some exterior windows or doors have faulty or no locks at all. Either way you should have a good idea of which locks needs replacing or require new installations.

If this is your first thorough review of your home’s security it is not uncommon to discover areas with no existing locks. Best thing to do is get one installed as soon as possible!

Not sure if your locks can match today’s modern criminals? Contact Fusion Locksmiths for a free assessment on your entire property. We then recommend secure options for your budget and requirements and finally professionally install them.

3. Install Exterior Security Lights

Having adequate security lights is a great deterrent to thieves and burglars. Thieves love darkness as they can easily hide and blend into the shadows. With proper security lighting, motion sensors allow the perimeter of your property to automatically become lit up, clearly showing what is happening around your home. As soon as a would be burglar has spotlights on them, they are quick to turn the opposite way.

When thinking about where to place exterior lights, make sure the approach to your house is brightly lit, especially the entry way. You can even choose programmable lights that turn on and off at selected times throughout the night.  Giving the appearance on your being home when you are not.

4. Install a Security Alarm

Burglar alarms help a lot in curbing burglary and break-ins. This is because once something irregular is noted, the alarm goes off with an ear piercing sound. An alarming warning which will deal with the burglar not only by instilling fear but also alerting relevant authorities.

5. Make Use of Security Warning Stickers

Thieves and burglars often mind warnings that are visible to them. Warnings about dogs, CCTV cameras or alarms should be placed at easily seen locations near entrance points. This is a great deterrent for most thieves as they would rather choose an easy please to rob instead of one with warning signs and noisy alarms. You should therefore place stickers on the entry gate, wall and windows so as to scare away thieves and burglars.

There you have it. By following these 5 steps you will vastly improve your home’s security. For a professional assessment, product guidance and installation feel free to contact Fusions Locksmiths. Leverage our years of experience in Sydney’s locksmith and security industry. We specialise in being a mobile Sydney locksmith.