office and home safes by fusion locksmiths

Play it safe with your valuables!

The Australian Institute of Criminology 2010 statistics show that cash and jewellery are the most commonly stolen items in the home – and a safe is a great place to store these valuables when you do not need them.

At home, your most valuable assets are perfect for a safe such as, your passports, birth certificates, cash, jewellery, phones and laptops. For a business, your cash, important documents, computer equipment, documents and data may need extra protection with a safe as well.

There is a large range of home and office safes that are perfect to suit your needs and level of security. Here is a quick list of the different types of safes to help you decide which safe would suit you the best.

General Home and Office Safes

These safes come in different shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of assets. There are safes that use a keypad with an electronic digital user code or key locking mechanisms. They can be installed on the wall, hidden in a cupboard or fixed to the floor.

Some safes even come with shelving, lockable drawers or a cash deposit slot so the safe does not have to be opened every time you want to deposit cash into it.
When comparing safes, it is best to look check if the safe has drill resistant plates to protect the locking mechanism, if it uses heavy-duty steel hinges, and includes anchoring holes for mounting onto a surface.

Fire and Security safes

If your premises are prone to fire such as being located in a factory, surrounded by chemicals or flammable product or in a high-risk bush fire area, look at fire rated safes for extra protection of your assets. The fire rating is measured in the time it takes the fire to damage the contents of your safe. The better the fire rating, the longer your assets are protected in your safe.

Fixed Safes

Safes can be fixed to a wall, floor or inside a cupboard. Some safes can be bolted from the inside to a fixed surface or concreted in. This gives you extra security for your assets in your home or office, making it very difficult to remove the safe from the premises.

Budget Safes

There are a number of safe manufacturers producing safes in a wide range of budgets suited to your needs. Your locksmith can advise you on the best safe to buy and install.
To protect the warranty of the safe, it is recommended that a locksmith install the safe. It will also help with any insurance claims that you may need to make in the future. This all adds up to extra protection for you and your assets.

Things to think about before buying your safe

  • What items do you want to keep safe in the safe?
  • Where will you install it? (Keep in mind ease of access)
  • Do you require a fire rated safe for your home or office?
  • Do you want key or electronic keypad locking?
  • How much do I want to spend on a safe?
  • Now you are ready to call Fusion Locksmiths for your new safe. Fusion Locksmiths can guide you towards the right brand and the toughest home or office safe to suit your needs.