Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith Services in Sydney

In life, there are certain times when you need a locksmith and cannot wait another minute. You may find yourself in one of these situations right now:

  • Residential or commercial lockout situation
  • Damaged locks or other security devices requiring immediate repair or replacement
  • Any other locksmith request that needs to get done ASAP

Fear not. Due to these urgent requirements Fusion Locksmiths offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service covering all of Sydney.

Fusion Locksmiths Are Ready 24/7 for All Locksmith Emergencies

Our 24 hour lockout service is perfect for those times when your need to quickly gain entry when locked out. But of course there are also many other reasons for requesting a locksmith urgently.

Unfortunately another common issue is when a burglar attempts to gain entry to your property and damages your locks or other security devices in the process. This may be from trying to pick a locks. Alternatively they may try to pry open your locks using heavy tools such as bolt cutters, screwdrivers or even a hammer. Yes we have seen it all.

When you have damaged locks securing high worth possessions such as in a commercial or industrial site you need them immediately repaired or replaced.

Fortunately our emergency locksmith service covers residential, commercial and industrial locations for all types of locks.

Fast Response – How Long Will We Take?

With our fleet of mobile service vans completing jobs across Sydney, we are never too far away. This allows us to get to most places within the hour, often much less. Our average travel time is only 20 minutes, but of course this all depends on our closest locksmith and Sydney traffic. Give us a call and we can provide a more accurate time-frame.

For lockouts we normally gain entry to standard locks within 5 minutes. Restricted type cylinders can take a little longer. Either way we will provide access to your property quickly and efficiently.

Being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we offer a genuine emergency service. We are always on standby to respond immediately when you call. Our emergency locksmiths are always available as we are fully aware emergencies can happen at any time.

Lost your keys? Let us give you one less thing to worry about by cutting new keys onsite.

Give us a call now on: (02) 9700 8887 or 0449 777 989

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