Changing Locks

Thinking about changing your locks? Let us know your situation and we’ll help you find the best lock and security options to suit your needs and budget.

Change Your Locks to Secure Your Sydney Home or Business

Fusion Locksmiths increase your security. In fact we help you with any lock and key requirements.

From installing new locks, access control systems and duplicating keys, to the secure installation of safes, we’ve got you covered. We also offer 24/7 emergency services so you can contact us any time of the day or night for quick and efficient locksmith services.

When it comes to securing your premises, we deliver the best service possible. We have a team of qualified and police checked tradesmen who work with keen attention to detail, honesty and integrity.

Our specialists won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure the security of our clients.

Who Has Access to Your Property?

Have you just moved into a new home? Know how many other people have copies of your keys? Maybe you lost your keys recently. Or worse yet had them stolen.

Don’t let the fear of who has access to your property impact your wellbeing and safety. By changing your locks you remove access to everyone except those that have the new keys.

Alternatives to Changing Locks

When something goes terribly wrong with your lock and you’re considering changing it once and for all, know that there are quite a few options you can consider.

Rekeying Your Lock

Even if you can’t find an original key, you can opt for lock rekeying. One of our well-trained locksmiths will simply adjust the inner workings of your existing lock so you can still use it without the original key.

Rekeying is the most budget-friendly option because only the key pins within the lock cylinder are to be replaced. Key pins are inexpensive compared to a new lockset.

The process of rekeying, when done by a true professional, won’t require a lot of time, overly expensive tools or money. Best of all rekeying is available for most front entry door locks.

Replacing Your Lock

If you lock is not able to be rekeyed or is severely damaged you have the option to buy a brand new lockset of the same type. The beauty of this is the new lock will fit into the existing space in the door and will not require replacing the door catch.

Fusion Locksmiths offers a wide variety of premium quality door locks, window locks and hardware from leading brands in the security industry. We can install new locks and personalise its security function to fit your needs.

With a new lock, you gain increased security and reliability. Expect however that lock replacements will cost more than rekeying.

Upgrading Your Lock

If you’re after a major security upgrade for your home or business, upgrading your lock to more modern and secure design from the same or another brand is an ideal option. You could even choose a high-end unit such as a smart digital locking system.

With today’s advancement in door locking technology, you can increase the level of security in your home with ease and at a reasonable cost. For example, there are fingerprint locks, locks that you can remotely controlled from your Smartphone, wireless locks, digital door locks, and electromagnetic locking systems.

When should you upgrade your locks? We recommend lock upgrades for old, outdated, worn out locks as these can be very easy to pick and break. If your place or neighbourhood had a break-in robbery, upgrading to a better lock and security mechanisms would be ideal.

Increase Your Security with Fusion Locksmiths

Fusion Locksmiths can help you make the right choice to provide your place with better security. We’ll let you know if you’re due for a lock upgrade and we’ll guide you on picking the best lock technology so you can make an informed decision.

Call us now and let us help you ensure the safety and security of your possessions and your loved ones.

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