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Safest and Most Dangerous Suburbs in Sydney, NSW

Ever wondered where the safest neighbourhoods are in Sydney? Maybe you want to steer clear of the most dangerous areas? You will be glad to know that Sydney, Australia is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world. But even so, crime still occurs. If you are planning to start a new […]


Locksmith Scams – How to Save Hundreds of Dollars

In recent years, increasing cases of locksmith scams have been reported, especially in Sydney and other parts of Australia. It is, therefore, imperative that you know how to identify and avoid such scams. Being careless and falling victim to these scammers can cost you in excess of hundreds and even thousands of dollars. As reported […]


Locksmith Crime: Why You Must Check for a Locksmith License

Anyone who installs, repairs, services or maintains electronic and mechanical locks must have a security equipment installer license in order to operate. Most people are not aware of this and thus do not ask for this documentation. Unfortunately this can lead to them being conned or becoming the victims of locksmith related crime. The primary […]


Ex-crim gives us some valuable advice

From the horse’s mouth – an ex-crim gives us some valuable advice on how to prevent break-ins. An ex-criminal who spent some time in the Rowville, Melbourne area stealing from local residents has had a change of heart; he is now ‘committed to being a productive member of society.’ He has composed a letter of […]

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