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Locked Out in Sydney? Fusion Locksmiths To The Rescue

Being locked out of your Sydney house or apartment is one of the worst feelings you can ever get. Maybe you just arrived home from an exhausting day at work. Maybe you have been out all night and just arrived home at 3am, trying to bring that special some back to yours! Such an incident […]


Improve Your Home Security In 5 Steps

Is your home a sanctuary that you look forward to after an exhausting day at work? Kids often desire to go home after a tiring day at school to play in a safe and comfortable environment. We all have our reasons for loving our homes and this is why it is essential we keep them […]


5 products you didn’t know your locksmith can help you with

5 products you didn’t know your locksmith can help you with The world of a locksmith doesn’t just encompass locks, locksmiths provide and recommend all types of security and products that can help businesses and homes be safe and protect from break-ins and theft. Intercom Systems An intercom system provides an audio and/or visual identification […]


Security Upgrades – restricted key system for home and office

Is it time for a security upgrade? When was the last time you calculated the value of your assets?  As time goes on your family and business accumulates more and more valuables and assets that need protecting.  When was the last time you upgraded your security to match your valuables? Do you need a more […]


Ex-crim gives us some valuable advice

From the horse’s mouth – an ex-crim gives us some valuable advice on how to prevent break-ins. An ex-criminal who spent some time in the Rowville, Melbourne area stealing from local residents has had a change of heart; he is now ‘committed to being a productive member of society.’ He has composed a letter of […]


Security Upgrades in 2016

Did you know it takes longer to make a cup of tea than to break into your home! It only takes two minutes for a thief to break into your home – here’s how to upgrade your security and make it harder for them. Doors Upgrade your locks to better quality and stronger locks on […]