Apartment Deadlock Installation

Are you looking for a way to boost your Sydney apartment’s security? You’ve come to the right place.

Fusion Locksmiths are your trusted service provider in Sydney offering reliable apartment deadlock installation. At a reasonable price, we provide you with both the security and convenience you need in locking your front, back and all doors.

Improving Security on Entrance Points

Fusion Locksmiths has a team of qualified tradesmen who can efficiently and effectively perform lock installation on all doors and windows.

You shouldn’t rely on a chain lock or what is already on your entry door after your new home purchase.

Count on our locksmiths to properly install deadlocks on entrance doors (front and back) in your apartment.

Why Install a Deadlock For Your Apartment?

A deadbolt or a deadlock is a high-quality locking device that cannot be moved to the open position except with a key.

These locks are also harder to pick compared to the common door lockset. So without the correct key, a deadlock can make your door more resistant to forced entry.

So if you want to heighten the level of security in your apartment, add a deadlock to your entry doors.

High-Grade Deadlocks For Protecting Exterior Doors

We only use high-quality deadlocks with solid construction so they can last longer and will be difficult for a burglar to defeat.

When choosing deadbolts, deadlocks and other locking devices, we make sure that the product has been developed by a reputable manufacturer. It should have been tested to about 250,000 open and close cycles. Ideally, it should be able to withstand about 10 hammer blows without shattering into pieces. Deadlocks from leading brands such as Lockwood are quality examples of this.

Fusion Locksmiths can install both double and single cylinder deadbolts. Double cylinder deadlocks will need a key to operate from either side of the door while the single cylinder locks are operated with a thumb turn on the inside and a key on the outside.

We can also install both regular domestic and commercial-grade deadbolts. Let us know your security concerns and we’ll tell you which lock is better for your needs.

Fast, Reliable Apartment Deadbolt Installation

You can count on Fusion Locksmiths to properly install a deadlock or deadbolt on your apartment door. We will make sure you get the safety and peace of mind you expect from a properly-installed top-quality door lock.

Our locksmiths can also help you with your other door and window safety concerns. Aside from deadlocks, we can install and repair sliding door locks, child-safe window locks, sliding bolts, and other types of locking devices.

We service the entire Sydney area and offer 24/7 emergency lock-and-key services.

Lost your key? We can cut a new one for you from your lock. Need a spare set of keys? We can duplicate keys on demand, while on site.

From lock outs and re-keying to smart locks and safes, you can count on us.  Offering dependable mobile locksmithing, Fusion Locksmiths has the answer to your most urgent lock problems.

With Fusion Locksmiths, there is no need to wait. Call us and we’ll be there right away to secure your Sydney apartment or other type of property. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the competitively priced services we offer.

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