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1. Control Your Security from Your Computer!

We’ve all used them before. Whether it has been to enter into our hotel room or issued one at your local gym, keycards are part of access control systems. Businesses use access control systems to regulate their security, using keycards, fingerprints or photos to open doors and control the access of certain rooms and areas.

The keypad controls who enters and exits, in sync with a computer system. They can be used on any entryway such as lifts, doors, factories, laboratories, roller doors for garages and gates.

If you think your business requires an access control system, you should choose a system that matches your security level and your needs. The more features the access control system has the tighter the security.

There are many access control solutions provided by different suppliers, do your research to find the features and options best suited to your needs. Alternatively give our business security experts a call and we can advice the best solution for you.

2. Simple to Use

The most important feature is that the system is simple to use and maintain. It needs to be easy to add new employees, delete ex-employees, restrict visitors by area and period, easy to monitor each person’s access and change settings by the security team so the system maintains its integrity. There is nothing worse than a new system that is too complicated.

3. They are Expandable

Access control systems can be expandable not just in terms of number of keycards, but in number of keypads and type of door. Your business needs change over time and your business will grow to require all types of security levels. Your access control system needs to be able to handle these changes over time. This gives you value for your investment over a longer period of time.

3. Easy to Monitor

Access control systems provide an easy way to monitor access and coordinate your in-house systems for a fully integrated package. It may be necessary to communicate with payroll software or your closed circuit television system.

Is the access control system able to restrict access on a door, entrance basis or by time of day to maintain tight security? Changes in business procedures and structures mean changes in security measures, your access control system may need to have this flexibility.

Can the access control system maintain a security log for audit trails or evidence of tampering or for investigations?

4. They can be Fast and Reliable

Does the access control system utilise the highest speed communication protocols so you know you are getting fast efficient security. Check the material of the hardware is strong enough to withstand environmental elements and high use.

5. They Have Backup Features

A backup system allows for continued door and access security in the event of a LAN failure. Check that the access control has a suitable backup procedure when communications and LAN systems have been compromised. In these situations, your business still needs to maintain a level of security.

Being in the field and seeing firsthand how access control works, we can recommend the right access control for you and your business. Fusion Locksmiths can offer you the best, customised solution from a large range of manufacturers.

By contracting your local locksmith Fusion Locksmiths, they are a phone call away ready to give you help over the phone or come out to your premises to repair your access control system or maintain it for optimum operation.