office and home safes by fusion locksmiths

The world of a locksmith doesn’t just encompass locks, locksmiths provide and recommend all types of security and products that can help businesses and homes be safe and protect from break-ins and theft.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system provides an audio and/or visual identification of a caller to your house or business.  They can also be used to communicate within particular areas of a building, such as reception and a carpark of a business, or an outdoor home office to the kitchen in a house.  An intercom system can integrate with other systems already installed such as security systems and building lifts to allow controlled access to particular areas.

It is a great solution for residential, pubs and clubs, schools, education facilities and businesses of all sizes.  Intercom systems offer an easy and cost effective alternative to security around access points of a home or business, using a user-friendly interface and the latest in technology.

Security Systems

Security and alarm systems are a vital part to security – they detect untoward danger, warn the occupants of any intruders and protect people, equipment and valuables.  They can monitor a small house right up to multiple zones all from a single panel.  Alarm systems come in a range of models designed to suit the level of protection you require.

Alarm systems can also be used to detect a break and enter, from a range of access points – garage doors, windows, roller shutters, glass break sensors using motion sensors, reed switches, photoelectric beams or temperature sensors.  Some even come with a smoke detector as an added bonus!


Home and business safes are a great way to lock away smaller valuables such as cash, cameras, jewellery, and important papers such as passports, birth certificates and registrations. They can be freestanding or attached to a wall or floor for extra security.

There is a huge range of safes in varying dimensions designed to fit the size and number of valuables you would like in the safe and they also come in different budget points for everyone.

Handicap Compliance Hardware

Handicap compliance hardware can make the life of a disabled person so much easier.  As a locksmith we have access to many types of hardware such as the ‘D’ type lever handle which allows a person to operate the latch mechanism of a door with minimal effort and stops their hand from slipping off the lever.  We also install electronic door opening systems for larger manual doors.

Surveillance Cameras

A surveillance camera provides video footage at the point around the home or business, internally and externally.  They are seen as a deterrent for criminals as well as providing evidence in the event of a break-in or theft.  The range of surveillance cameras is wide in a price range to suit everyone.

High tech surveillance cameras include modern high definition security cameras and sensors, optical zoom with pan and tilt functions and also wifi cameras.  They can be motion activated where it will only record footage when the motion triggers them.  The cameras also have the facility to connect to smartphones, tablets or desktop computers allowing you to monitor the premises no matter where you are.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are designed to prevent the rapid spread of the fire, but also protect the people who are near the fire to give them time to escape.  A locksmith can recommend and install a fire door to suit every application for residential and commercial use.  After careful assessment of the building or house, a fire door is recommended to suit the conditions.  All fire doors should be tested and approved in accordance with Australian Standard 1905-1.

Now that list is quite impressive, isn’t it?  Call your local locksmith now to get your home or business assessed for the best security products to protect you, your family and your business now.